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REMMERS-BNP- We supply chemicals, pharmaceuticals rawmaterials/food additives







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Welcome to  REMMERS-BNP

Service - that is our business

  • We are your independent mediator for your demands around biotechnology.
  • We are searching for customers to get the best offer. Free of charge.
  • We assisting suppliers to find the right customers.

Easily said:
You are searching - we will find the solution.

We offer:

  • Broker between market and manufacturer
  • Turnover optimization
  • 20 years successful market experience
  • Money and time saving for you

You can concentrate on to your business and take us for the negotiations. That is our core business and your advantage. We present you the solution and support you with our know how. This is still more economically, still more productively - and simply better to work.

Only in case of success we get our fee.








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